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Jason Alt - Personal Trainer

Jason Alt

I've been training and competing for nearly 30 years. From childhood sports to competitive boxing and bodybuilding. I have won numerous national boxing tournaments and placed in top five men's physique competitions 4 out of 5 shows total. After years of hard work and competing against top level athletes, I decided to use my skills and experience in training to give back to the community by becoming a coach and trainer. I consider myself to be a natural born leader and I strive to be the best at what I do.
I guarantee you, if you can put the image in your mind on how you want to look and feel, I CAN get you there!


Personal Trainer
National Academy of Sports Medicine

Weight Training
Body Building


1999 Golden Gloves

2005 Ringside World Champion

2006 Ringside World Champion

2010 PAL Olympic Qualifier

2012 Olympic Trial Competitor

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