Get Fit For Only $5

Jon C

Jon Christenson is a personal trainer, a kettlebell educator, and an advanced battle rope trainer that focuses on building functional power, strength, and endurance in a sustainable way while trying to have as much fun as possible.
Jon has dedicated himself to learning the in’s and out’s of kettlebell training because of the versatility and portability of this incredible tool. With just ONE kettlebell you can build incredible power and strength while also increasing your work capacity (endurance) anywhere, without having to spend hours running, swimming, rowing, or biking unless you like to do those activities.
Experiencing his own weight loss transformation going from a 320+lbs football player to becoming the 2018 IKF Amateur Cruiserweight (185lbs) World Champion, Jon knows what it takes to dramatically change lifestyles and dedicate yourself to reaching a specific goal. Functional fitness, fat loss journeys, and combat sports all require a certain amount of mental focus and discipline that has the power to transcend into any and all aspects of your life, if you have the drive to work for it.

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